Akhmeta Youth Engage with EU-supported ENPARD Project

Akhmeta Youth Engage with EU-supported ENPARD Project

“The goal of the camp was to bring together youth from each municipality settlement to promote communication and solve social issues. I was looking forward to meeting new people, learning new skills and, of course, having fun. All these expectations were fully met. ”Konstantin, 23.

Within the framework of the EU-supported project “Promoting inclusive and participatory local development in Akhmeta Municipality”, Action Against Hunger and the Kakheti Regional Development Foundation hosted a Youth Camp from 8th - 14th June 2019. The camp brought together 20 young people different communities in the municipality to receive training on youth leadership, personal development and communication skills. Above all, the Youth Camp served as an ideal platform to promote youth engagement in the Local Action Group (LAG) that will be formed in Akhmeta in the coming months. Encouraging youth involvement in Local Action Groups and decision-making processes is one of the key challenges and is extremely important for the success of project and locally-led development initiatives.

The training courses were complemented with recreational activities at the Aragvi Adventure Center and a study tour to Kazbegi Municipality. Members of the Kazbegi LAG provide comprehensive information on project progress and challenges, the Local Development Strategy process and the grant support schemes. Several projects supported by the Kazbegi LAG were also visited.

“We all learn a lot with the help of trainers. I hope the Youth Camp will be the basis of many interesting projects and activities in our district. ”Nino, 24

The project aims to support the socio-economic integration of rural communities through a bottom-up, community-led approach to rural development. The activity will promote community voices in local development planning and project decision-making processes to improve the quality of life and economic conditions in Akhmeta Municipality.

The project is funded by the European Union as part of the third cycle of the ENPARD program and implemented by Action Against Hunger, Kakheti Regional Development Foundation and supported by the Tusheti Development Fund.